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The APX Team

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Find out more about Amélie Gagné
Amélie Gagné
Community Manager & Network Builder
Find out more about Anastasia Troyanov
Anastasia Troyanov
Investment Manager
Find out more about Anne Köller
Anne Köller
Head of Campus Operations
Find out more about Daniela Machado
Daniela Machado
Head of Legal
Find out more about Diego Siguelnitzky
Diego Siguelnitzky
Investment Manager
Find out more about Henric Hungerhoff
Henric Hungerhoff
Founding Managing Director
Find out more about Jakob Kleihues
Jakob Kleihues
Investment Manager
Find out more about James Song
James Song
Investment Associate
Find out more about Jörg Rheinboldt
Jörg Rheinboldt
Founding Managing Director
Find out more about Marces William Nitsch
Marces William Nitsch
Investment Analyst
Find out more about Maximilian Varnai
Maximilian Varnai
Venture Developer
Find out more about Melanie Higgs
Melanie Higgs
Director Finance & Portfolio
Find out more about Mor Eini
Mor Eini
Strategic Partnerships & Growth Manager
Find out more about Niklas Maiwald
Niklas Maiwald
Investment Associate
Find out more about Noelle Kottenhagen
Noelle Kottenhagen
Campus Host
Find out more about Onur Can
Onur Can
Find out more about Saskia Roelofs
Saskia Roelofs
Investment Associate
Find out more about Søren Lund Nielsen
Søren Lund Nielsen
Head of Communications & Brand
Find out more about Teddy Kim
Teddy Kim
Head of Venture Development and Investor
Find out more about Yannick Selinger
Yannick Selinger
Junior Communications and Brand Manager
Find out more about Bente Zerrahn
Bente Zerrahn
Innovation Catalyst at Axel Springer
Find out more about Robert Martin
Robert Martin
Investment Manager at Porsche Ventures / Project Manager at APX

+ our interns Luis,  Kim, Helen, Paul, Paulina, Simon and Austen.

About APX

APX invest in earliest-stage startups

Based in Berlin and backed by Axel Springer and Porsche, we support and partner with the most ambitious pre-seed startups from Europe and beyond – often as their first investor.

APX launched in 2018, succeeding the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator, which from 2013 to 2017 was the first investor in more than 100 startups, including fintech unicorn N26.

Every week we invest in exceptional founding teams

… building startups with digital business models. We look for diverse teams that want to lead, execute and win. Our focus lies in a high financial return for our investors and a great impact on people and our planet. We work closely together to help them grow and close a follow-on financing round.

Our mission

To be the first investor in the European tech unicorns of the 2020s as Europe’s most active earliest-stage VC. 

Our vision

To build a better future for the startup ecosystem in Europe – the most attractive region for value-based companies from all over the world. 

Our values


Innovative ideas, curiosity and being contrarian can change the future

Close Collaboration

Helps us learn from and support each other to reach goals


Through trust, authenticity, respect, and straightforward communication

Strong Teams

With complementary skills, diverse backgrounds, and the ambition to win


Profitability and positive impact for people and our planet go hand-in-hand


Working with the best people means actively pushing for diversity & inclusion

There's no too early

If you have daring founders, a strong vision and the right team

Our Investors

APX is backed by media and tech company Axel Springer and sports car manufacturer Porsche – two brands that value exceptional customer experiences and innovative technologies – but we invest in startups across all industries.

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