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Earliest-stage investor. Long-term partner.


We invest up to EUR 500,000 in startups even before a Series A, starting with a quick EUR 50,000 investment, which is followed by further investment tranches, depending on fundraising, traction and speed. Our fund size is EUR 55 Million of which substantial funds are allocated for early follow-on investments. Find out more in our FAQ section.

Venture Development

Our Venture Development team and Platform is designed to provide support across the crucial early-stage pillars of: B2B Customer Discovery and Sales, Digital Marketing, Mental Health, Talent and Follow-On Capital. Our relationship is kicked off with a 6-week Venture Development Sprint, designed to maximize your potential for follow-on capital.


Our team and resources are always available as you generate and approach inflection points in your venture. We give you access to all our extensive online and offline resources, network, curated mentors and campus. This includes our platform – our own digital product that connects all founders, experts, mentors and follow-on investors in one place. 

Founder-friendly terms

At APX, we aim to make our early-stage investments easy & fast. For this reason, we made all details of our standardized convertible loan agreement (CLA), together with a set of explainers, publically available here.

For more information on our deal, you can read this article, and find out more about our investment strategy in our FAQ section.

If you have relevant commitment(s) from other qualified investors, and our standard deal is not in line with your current fundraising strategy, we are always happy to discuss alternative investment solutions for your specific case. Get in touch via


As part of the APX family, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from other founders and have access to our digital platforms of connections and tools. By 2022, we want to have a portfolio of 200 companies creating community synergies, unlike any other early-stage investor.

Through our network of 10.000+ mentors, experts and investors, of which 500+ are already working actively with our portfolio companies, you’ll always have access to knowledge. We connect you with large-scale networking opportunities and match you with experienced entrepreneurs and industry specialists.

Below is a selection of the mentors in our network.


Find out more about Martin Eyerer
Martin Eyerer
Factory Berlin
Find out more about Sean Harris
Sean Harris
Find out more about Katharina Kurz
Katharina Kurz
Find out more about Moritz Minkus
Moritz Minkus
Find out more about Sebastian Rave
Sebastian Rave
Find out more about Selma Stern
Selma Stern
Find out more about Andreas Tussing
Andreas Tussing
Hello Charles
Find out more about Tim Wegner
Tim Wegner
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