Berlin or Remote



We are looking for a seasoned HR Manager that has “been there” and can help us design human systems based on proven experience with scaling teams.

At the moment, we do not know enough about HR frameworks. We know how we want to work and how to provide 15 of us with the best environment to create. We don’t know how to scale it and how to make sure the next 50 of us will also be A-players.

  • Create the strategy and foundational work, incl tooling and procedures, to take our team from 15 to 50
  • Ensure GlassDollar remains a place we love and where we can remain authentic as we grow
  • Build-up a talent acquisition processes that keeps our quality of hire in the A-league
  • Operationally support by managing our candidate pipeline and scheduling
  • Feel the pulse of the team and identify team composition optimisations and skill gaps to enable creation in flow
  • You have lead HR or Recruiting at a growing startup (50+ team) or a larger organisation
  • You appreciate the flexibility of starting part-time and can build your team and or increase your time commitment as we grow

Dream list

  • Previously founded a company
  • Experience with (consciously-)scaling startups
  • Experience with young teams
  • Experience with distributed teams
GlassDollar is where the best startups go to find customers, and where leading corporations find and purchase startup solutions. We’re location-independent. Our team is currently distributed across Berlin (6), Mallorca (2), Hamburg (1), Munich (1), Paris (1), Sofia (1), Prague (1), Naples (1) and beyond. We have an office in Berlin and regularly hold offsites in sunny places. We mainly work on GMT+1 and adjacent timezones.

Below are some of our team’s shared traits. If this sounds like you, you’ll fit right in. If it doesn’t, we’d love to hear some of your defining traits. Either way, we will discuss these in our interviews.

  • Self-aware: living a conscious, purposeful life, seeking growth, able to reflect and extract learnings, open to feedback
  • Owners: true owners of our responsibilities, our work and our gains (competitive salary + equity)
  • Co-creators: team players, explicit communicators, able to contextualize at different levels
  • Solution spotters: early adopters, software power-users, explorers, hackers
  • Impact-driven: fueled by meaningful results, at work, on others, on the planet
  • Free: meritocrats, manifestors, location-independent, evolutive roles and gains
  • Rock n roll: we go hard. Life’s a game – we enjoy playing it. We learn from our losses, celebrate our successes and make sure to have fun on the way.

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