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Based on our conversations with founders, we have identified the most important questions that help you determine whether APX is the right partner for your startup.


What’s your fund size?
What are you looking for when investing in startups?
What is the ticket size of your pre-seed deal?
Which companies have you invested in so far?
Are there specific industries or verticals you focus more on than others?
Do you invest in startups from all over the world?
At what stage do you invest in startups?
How do you structure your investments?
Can I review your investment contract?
How often do you join follow-on financing rounds?
What would make you not join a follow-on financing round?

Investment preconditions

Do you invest in single founders?
Is it possible to receive investment without working with the APX team?
Do you invest in companies building hardware products?
Is it ok that we are not incorporated in Germany?

Selection process

How do I find out if APX wants to invest in my company?
What KPIs (ARR, number of clients, etc.) are you looking for when evaluating a company?
Can we set up a phone call in order to discuss APX, your venture development, our startup, or other questions with you before submitting the form and pitch deck?
When can I expect to hear back from you after submitting the pitch deck and additional information?
How long does it take APX to make a positive investment decision?
How long does it take to submit my pitch deck and additional information in the form?
When I submit my pitch deck and information now, would it be possible to start the venture development later?
What should I include in the pitch deck?
How is the selection process?

Venture Development

What happens after the initial investment?
How does mentoring at APX look like?
Are mentors incentivized to work for APX or for the startups?
Can we also meet relevant experts outside of the mentoring program and venture development?
Do you guarantee any pilot projects with the APX shareholders or partners?
What happens after the initial month?
Does APX participate in further financing rounds?

APX and our shareholders

What is the relation between APX and Axel Springer Plug and Play?
What are the roles of Porsche and Axel Springer?

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