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APX champions

Become an APX champion

Why do it?

  • Deliver meaningful value to the startup ecosystem
  • Get in contact with inspiring and talented founders
  • Access special events at APX
  • Network with the APX community
  • Connect with other mentors
  • Give back and show dedication as well as leadership to the European startup ecosystem and gain brand exposure as a leader in innovation.

What do champions do?

Each Champion builds a relationship with one of the APX startups. You will find ways to help them by making intros to project partners, domain experts, or potential customers. You will become a long-term sparring partner for the founders.

I like it. What’s next?

  • First, you get matched with a startup that fits your interest based on a video intro and a chat with team
  • Then, you will have a call (at least) once a month in order to share updates (PPP-format: progress-pains-plans)
  • And then, you connect the founders with the right people and resources

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